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Mr Guidee is a digital marketplace designed to provide you with quality electronic books at the right price.

The project was thought out in September 2015 and launched as a blog that allowed contributors to publish tutorials in the fields of their expertise in January 2016. Users were able to publish these tutorials in both PDF form(s) and articles. In August 2016, it was decided that the focus should be on a marketplace where experts in all kinds of categories could freely participate and share their knowledge with the world without being charged any fees whatsoever.

Ever since then we’ve had dozens of downloads, newly registered users and published eBooks on the marketplace and are extremely grateful for every little progress we’ve had so far; and to every little progress that’s on the horizon.


We aim to have a marketplace where access to quality educational products is available at the right price and to everyone.

Your participation is highly required and therefore pursuing our goals would be incredibly difficult without it. Participating is not all about signing up and becoming a Vendor, it can also be your frequent usage of our services, the fact that you spend a minute on our website is highly appreciated here as we value ones time and attention.

Your slightest participation in this platform is contributing to it; and therefore we appreciate and sincerely thank you for believing in our vision. 


Guider = One who guides. (Vendor/Seller)

Guidee = One who is guided. (You!)

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