Case Study: How CashCow Solutions made $2,568.89 in 30 Days with FREE TRAFFIC

Selling an eBook may seem like a difficult task at first glance but this has been proven wrong by a complete newbie who through achieved over $2k in sales without dropping a dime on traffic. This was recorded in a 30-day period as seen on the picture to the right.

Now you may wonder how he did it and if the results can be replicated by repeating the same strategies and the answer to that is.. YES YOU CAN!

So how was this achieved, by just uploading an eBook on Mr Guidee and becoming a success overnight? Truth be told, yes and no. Uploading and selling your eBook on our fantastic marketplace is definitely the first step in achieving that but is it completely reliant on that? Hate to say it, but no!

FORUM MARKETING is the answer you’re looking for!

By signing up to different Internet Marketing or other eBook-related forums CashCow solutions was able to achieve this in a very short time. So why forums? Because forums generate free traffic and usually hold a good portion of your target audience (I.E the people who hold the power of purchasing stuff that benefits them). Now is it an outdated form of marketing? Maybe, but it works!

Different IM forums include,, and so on and so forth. One simple google search brings out the best of them.

CashCow Solutions will now help us explain how you can replicate their results with Forum Marketing.

What is the most important thing to consider when creating an eBook for sale?

So one of the few things you want to keep in mind when creating an Ebook which is usually something that you’ve written in a Word document (or a different software/web service) and converted to PDF is that you must always keep the customer in mind and never yourself.

Basically looking at the PDF from a customer’s perspective could assist you with that or by simply giving it to a friend so he could do it for you. If neither is an option, you can give away a so-called “Vouch Copy” for free on one of the forums that you’re registered on. Forum members are very eager to read and give you their opinion on your eBook so trying that could save you a ton of headache and effort before releasing your product. Always mention that you want to give out a few vouch copies of your upcoming “XYZ product” before you start selling the eBook to ensure you get the right participants on board. Be careful who you trust as there may be leechers who are eager to leak it to the public!

Then you should also know who your target audience is and what the market is interested in and that depends entirely on which forum you’ve signed up to. If it’s an Internet-Marketing forum then you’re going to bet your a** that people are interested in making money and not in something like a cookbook. Making money online has never been easier before and so people tend to look for different ways to do it and that’s where they end up trapped. Not knowing where to start or keep their focus on. That’s where you come in as the amazing entrepreneur and lead them right to that one path in which they have to focus on to make it work for them.

How do you come up with these ways to “make money”?

Ideas and ways for making money online can be found everywhere and with all of the resources that the Internet holds you can conduct an unlimited amount of research which you can then use to create your own Ebook. Now, selling publicly-available information can be regarded as immoral and unethical so you don’t want to do that unless you’re looking for trouble and bad karma.

The best thing about Ebook sellers is they always find a way to create money-making methods from their research with their own creative way of thinking. Some people just don’t have the time to conduct all of the research that Ebook sellers do before they ‘engineer’ these methods so that is why they tend to buy your research and hard work so they don’t have to do it themselves and it’s understandable. I’ve done it plenty of times and it works wonders if you buy the right products.

So how do I, as a complete newbie, start my research?

Using Google and Internet Marketing forums like Warriorforum is a starting point. How you go from there is entirely up to you. You may invest in a War Room membership which will grant you access to a large amount of resources which you can skim through and try for yourself. When you find an interesting subject you can dive into it and conduct a deeper research. At this point it’ll be easier to make a working method out of what you’ve found with your own twists to it. Copying other methods or just altering a few words out of them is a NO NO so do not try that. Do your own research on the subject that the eBook/article is talking about and make your own methods out of it.

Most of the time, and I’ve found this quite intriguing is that due to my Google searches I’ve been delivered methods to dive into without having to look for them through advertisements while browsing the Internet like anyone would on a normal day. So do alot of research, search search and keep on searching. You’ll eventually find something that works and when you do, put your gloves on for the masterpiece that is to come from all of this effort!

How did you get to $2,568.89 in 30 Days without paying for traffic?

Well honestly, I started by signing up to in August 2016 after being referred to it by an online friend.





Now don’t get the name wrong, this is not the kind of forum where the bad guys are holding hands and plotting world domination. Here lies all kinds of people from marketers to talented graphic artists and avid gamers. You’ll find anyone and anything here except bad people and blackhat activities.

I started out by giving out free stuff (and I still do) there. I wrote and released free Ebooks that were very helpful and that I even contemplated on selling. I gave them out in the section that is called Free Services and Giveaways. Want to know this little secret to getting your product downloaded? Make it interesting.

Let me explain. People, for example, would rather take what is available in limited quantities than something that is being given away with no sense of urgency. Allow me to demonstrate with the following statements:

“Hey guys, here’s my money making ebook that can get you extra money on the side with CPA/PPD. Get it for free right here: (link)”

What kind of reaction did you get from reading that? Bet you were cringing. Simply because it wasn’t interesting and seemed too spammy. This is just a no-no. Straight up.

However this..

“I’ve just written a special report that will show you how to easily generate $2,568.89 in 30 Days with ZERO INVESTMENT. That’s right you don’t need a brain or a dime to start earning this kind of money. All that is required from you is your ability to take action because the thing is.. I’m going to give away this report for free but only for the first 30 people that will take action right now before I put it out for sale. Just let me know if you’re interested and do it quickly!

That just made things so much more interesting. No links and nothing that tells me what this Ebook is all about except that it has to do with putting money in my pocket at no cost. This statement creates alot of mystery and makes the reader want to hit you up before they even finish reading it.

There is a sense of urgency and mystery in that statement and these two factors are sellers whether you’re giving something away for free or not. If you make people curious enough in what you’re offering they will act as soon as you want them to and at whatever price you’re selling the Ebook at. That’s the power of perceived value.

I also don’t prefer to put links out in giveaways for direct access because I’ve tried doing it and the opposite generated so much more results. My inbox was being flooded with requests and downloads increased by a long shot when no links were directly offered on the thread.

Moral of this story is, give stuff away and help contribute to any of the communities that you’re part of. That’ll help increase your reputation on the website and ultimately conversions by the time you start selling.

What do I need to consider when it’s time to start selling?

One thing you need to consider first is your marketing needs to be as good or even better than what your product is. You could have the best product out there but if you can’t convince people of it then it’s going straight to the bin. Sad but it’s the truth.

Make sure you get a great design with good copywriting. Take a look at my products (Zero Cost Traffic Tactics, BTC xPLOSION, Viral Marketing) for an example.  If you can’t do your own copywriting/designs, get someone else to do it. There are so many freelance marketplaces out there that offer these services for a fraction of the price that big companies would charge you for.

A text based sales copy with a bunch of images is better if you’re looking for more traffic from Search Engines for example. Having an image as your sales copy won’t be Google-friendly but it is definitely more catchy and if it’s a good one; the reader is more likely to stay and read everything that is said on the image. However, it’s all up to you here. Figure out the cons/pros and make a decision based on that list.

Also a quick tip, if you’re making money don’t be afraid to invest in advertisement spots here on Mr Guidee and even on the forums that you’re registered in. Most of the time they’ll pay off. I know mine have!

Another tip is to include a Money-Back Guarantee (that you’re going to honor!) in your sales copy to make sure potential customers can get in and get out if things aren’t good enough or as described.

Give out copies of your product to gather in reviews and results from ‘testers’ before releasing your product to the masses. This is very essential.

Know that the customer is always right, no matter the situation. Always be the better person in any situation and make sure you can solve problems before they escalate. I’ve had plenty of situations with customers in the past and sometimes all it took was a kind, professional response to resolve the matter. I’ve even resolved “gigantic issues” by simply allowing the customer to choose a free Ebook without cost, even when the customer was wrong.

There are so many things to consider and most of these apply to any field but the most important thing is to keep learning as you go. Things will get rough, mistakes will be made, money will be lost, yada yada. Just keep your head in the game and learn from all of it. That alone is key to improvement.

Can people reach out incase they need any help/advice from you?

Ofcourse you can. I will be replying to comments below or any messages that are sent to us through Mr Guidee.


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